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Currently building in the Calkins Hill and Silver Oaks of the Brooks at Vale Park communities

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High Efficiency Homes

Faganel Builders High-Efficiency Homes: Always Ahead of the Energy Curve

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Living in a Faganel Builders high-efficiency custom home offers you more than lower energy bills and consumption. It also provides you with greater comfort, safety, durability and health benefits.

Faganel Builders has been developing comfortable, safe, healthy, quiet, durable and highly efficient custom homes since 1991. Each of our homes features our Green Building Science applications inspired by University of Minnesota’s Cold Climate Housing Program.

Just a few of the leading efficiency assets in a Faganel Builders custom home include:

  • Cellulose Insulation made of recycled paper products that has proven to have greater insulating qualities than traditional insulation does.
  • A Thermal Wrap that better seals the home from air penetration. In many homes, one-third of the exterior walls contain lumber that doesn’t allow for insulation. This creates a thermal compromise in which outside cold air can enter the home by penetrating insulated sheathing, studs and drywall. An exterior thermal wrap provides a total sheathing that makes the home more efficient, quieter and more comfortable in a more-consistent indoor climate. It also makes the home more durable by drastically reducing moisture transfer when cold air and surfaces hit warmer ones (picture a beading glass of cold beer on a hot day). Over time, this moisture can make paint peel and promote mold and moisture damage.

Other standard efficiency features in Faganel Builders custom homes include:

  • Highly efficient windows and doors
  • Paints and stains low in volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • State-of-the-art HVAC systems

Efficiency Proven Through Testing

We don’t just say our homes are more comfortable and energy-efficient – we prove it.

To confirm the systems we integrate with each home are correctly installed and properly working, we test them according to current industry standards.

A blower-door test is performed by a certified third-party energy auditor to determine how airtight a home is. A temporary adjustable “blower door” with a very strong fan is fitted into an existing front- or back-door frame. Once turned on, the fan de-pressurizes the house by drawing the air from inside and blowing it outside.

The fan is so powerful that as it is taking air from the house, it will pull additional air through any unsealed gaps. Digital gauges calculate the pressure difference between inside and outside air to measure how much is leaking into the house.

If needed, the analyst might also use an infrared camera to inspect walls, ceilings and floors to locate any specific areas where insulation is missing and air is leaking. The infrared camera also can capture images of the drastic reduction in heat loss provided by our homes’ thermal wrap.

Two-Year Guarantee for Each Custom Home

Once third-party testing confirms the home’s efficiency, we provide the homeowner with a certificate and a complete energy guarantee including what the estimated heating, cooling and water-heating utility bills will be during the next two years. The savings are often substantial.

Because our homes are so efficient and airtight, they also provide exceptional protection against moisture, pollution and noise.

Through the years, Faganel Builders custom homes have earned consistently superior ratings from Energy Star as well as Platinum, Gold and Bronze designations from the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Council. Faganel Builders homes steadily perform in the top 10% of all homes built in the U.S.

Custom Luxury with Premium Performance: Contact Us Today

Because your custom home is so distinctive, you want it built with the greatest knowledge and the most capable hands. A Faganel Builders home gives you peace of mind in being just as pioneering in construction and science as it is beautiful to look at and live in.

To learn even more about Faganel Builders high-efficiency custom homes, contact us at (219) 265-3015 or

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